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The Bone and Breast Care Centre


COVID-19 Service Announcement

At the Bone and Breast Care Centre, your safety – and breast health – are our top priorities. We are taking all necessary safety precautions in accordance with the government and WHO guidelines.

Our heightened safety precautions include:

  • The screening of all staff and patients at the time of arrival.

  • Continuous and vigorous cleaning of countertops, doorknobs and equipment.

  • Continued social distancing of 1.5m.

  • Personal protective equipment for our clinical staff.

  • Patients must wear a face mask or fabric face covering while in our centre.

  • No one-way valve masks allowed.

  • We sterilize our practice daily with our own UVC 255 light.

If you have a temperature greater than 38°C or have respiratory symptoms, such as a cough and/or shortness of breath, please stay home and reschedule your appointment accordingly.

Thank you for your trust in the Bone and Breast Care Centre. If you have any questions about our heightened safety procedures or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please call +27(0)11 268 0199 for more information.


Ultra low-dose breast x-ray imaging for screening and diagnosis.

Ultrasound &
Breast Biopsies

Ultrasound and biopsies are used to image and screen breast tissue.


Digital bone imaging determines the amount of mineral in bone tissue.

Vacuum Assisted
Core Biopsies

This safe and minimally invasive biopsy procedure is used to sample breast tissue for further examination.


State of the Art


At the Bone & Breast Care Centre we appreciate that suspecting you may have cancer is very worrying. And as such we make an effort to screen you as soon as possible to start the diagnostic journey.

Our Centre

The Bone & Breast Care Centre was established by Dr Louella Ritz in 1997. We offer up to date, innovative, state-of-the-art screening services. We pride ourselves in caring for and treating each patient professionally. Most of our all-female staff have been with the practice for more than a decade and so we all share the same passion for providing patients with top quality healthcare.

We are also a steering member of the 

Morningside Breast Care

working group and as such ensure a multi-disciplinary, informed approach for each patient's treatment protocol.


We welcome our 2 new employees Natasja van der Linde and Thabitha Moyo and we say farewell to Yvonne Lougin who has retired after being with the practice since 1999.

 This Practice is POPI compliant.

Dr Louella Ritz

Dr Ritz is the Director and Specialist Breast Radiologist at The Bone & Breast Care Centre since its inception in 1997. She offers a holistic multimodal approach to all breast problems and osteoporosis screening. Dr Ritz stays updated with new and current trends by frequently attending annual local and international congresses.